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Lets go on an adventure of learning the magic of Photoshop + digital collage, so you can — create what you want!

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    Welcome Vol.1 Digital Collage / Beginners Photoshop!

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    Activity One

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    Activity Two

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    Activity Three

    • Activity Three Lesson

    • Activity Three_Shyanne Clarke_ Digital Collage Workshop

    • Online DIGITAL COLLAGE WORKSHOP activity three with shyanne

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    • Bonus Lesson

    • Colour Changes Vid

    • Smudge Tool Vid

    • BTS Vid

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Online Digital Collage/ Beginners Photoshop


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what people are saying

Photoshop has been one of the adobe programs I have wanted to learn for ages but struggled with the most, For over a year I have put it on my list of 'self development' things to do' over brea but just avoid it because it never listens to me and what I want it do ... but not anymore. Thank you Shyanne for being such a fantastic human being and teacher, you make photoshop truly look like magic. 

- Janisha

Had an amazing day learning new skills and getting creative with the very talented Shyanne Clarke 

- Nikki

Yesterday I did a workshop with the incredible Shyanne Clarke, it was incredible and I can confidently say I am now a Photoshop convert. Look out world. 

- Jess

Excellent. I learnt things in the first 5 mins that I've spent hours trying to figure out.